“…You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.”



Connecting – Every moment we’re around people, we have opportunities to connect with them. This is the personal touch that we exemplify as God’s church. Whether it’s engaging them in conversation, hearing their story, or simply giving them a warm smile and greeting – connection is what people ultimately desire.

People – People aren’t simply statistics to be recorded or faceless bodies to be counted. Every person has a story. Every person matters to God, so every person will matter to us. We’re all imperfect and looking for a place to belong.

Jesus – If a device is not connected to its power source, it cannot operate in the way for which it was created. Jesus is our source of life and hope. And when people are connected to Jesus, their life has new meaning, purpose, and power to change. We were created for relationships – foremost with Jesus, but equally as important, with…

One Another – God’s Word gives a blueprint and specific instruction about how we should treat one another. The phrase “one another” appears over 52X in the New Testament. Everyone belongs here – and when we live out these “one anothers” to everyone we encounter, they will actually experience the local church being the perfect place for imperfect people.


NEXT is a two-year generosity effort that will help us come together and boldly fund the NEXT step of God’s 20/20 Vision for our church family. We will be using a one-fund approach that resources all the ministry that we do over the NEXT two years – not just the special projects – because we believe all the ministry God has called us to do matters. We are calling on our entire UNITED family to invest and invite in unprecedented ways and see God continue to work powerfully here in our church and in our local community.


To be a church that reaches 3,000 people a week over the NEXT three years, we want to take everything that we love about connecting in our church family and grow it.

›› We want to provide more meaningful activities in which people in our local community and our church family can connect.

››  We want to beautify and update our campus to make it more welcoming and comfortable for visiting VIPs, Connect Groups, and Volunteer Teams.

››  We want to create a formal Counseling Center that provides care for all in need.

››  And we want to expand our current facilities to allow for further growth for children in KidStreet and teenagers in Fuse.


For our FAITH

To mature into the children of God He’s created us to be, we want to invest in our church family to become owners and leaders through a comprehensive discipleship process.

››  We want to increase and expand our City Serve initiatives to give more care and provide for more needs to hurting families.

››  We want to train, equip, support, and send out more church planters in our local community.

››  And we want to offer more needs-based groups and classes for people to connect and grow together in.